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Writers will happen in the best of families.Summer is winding down. Far faster than I’m prepared for. My kids will be headed back to school soon, and not only is our better-get-this-done list long and difficult, it’s the hardest back-to-school time I’ve ever faced.

When my kids had their first day of preschool, I sat in the parking lot and cried. They marched right inside, excited to start their school career. (I don’t think they’re quite as excited about school anymore, though.) I, on the other hand, was traumatized. What if they needed me? That’s why I waited in the parking lot.

Well, I waited there until the administrator came out and told me I was squandering the little free time I had in the day. I thought she was just making a suggestion, but then she pretty much kicked me off-property, telling me if I was needed, I’d be called. But I wouldn’t be needed.

And she was right.

I handled the rest of the first days pretty well after that, even though I missed the kids being around. I didn’t really cry anymore, and by day two I was back in a routine.

This year is different, though. This year my youngest goes away to school. It’s the first time I won’t see her beautiful face every day, won’t get to attend her matches and other school events.

And how am I preparing for this adjustment? Poorly, for starters.

My family is plagued with having a writer in it—me. And while I should be enjoying my little girl for these last few weeks, I’ve been laboring under deadlines. I mean, it’s summer, so I’m trying to take some time off, but I still have to work. And not only am I working, I’m being a writer. Which means at any given time, I’m asking someone in my family what they think of a method of torture, a weapon for killing, a romantic quadrangle… something out of left field and completely inappropriate for a final conversation with someone.

Okay, that’s a bit dramatic. It’s not our final conversation. It just feels… well, final.

Long story short, I’m sad and I’m weird and my daughter is leaving soon. Writers do happen to the best of families. I’m just glad my family has embraced it.

The organized links of the week.

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13 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. You and I are in the same boat, Staci, but at least mine will only be living 15 minutes away. Still, I figure we won’t see him much (marching band takes up hoards of time) unless he needs clothes washed or fav foods. When my oldest son went to college, I’d stop and stare into his bedroom for the first week. But like Michele said, I’m also excited for him.

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    • It’s a rite of passage. Countless others have survived this, and you and I will, too. (Doesn’t make it easier, though.)

      I’ll have a virtual drink with you the first day they’re gone, in commiseration. (And maybe celebration.)

      God bless them on this new stage of their lives.

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  2. Moms and daughters have a such a strong bond. My mom was my best friend starting around the time I was seventeen. We were always close, but once I graduated we connected on a whole new level. Of course, I wasn’t headed off to school.

    I know it’s going to be hard for you, but I also know how proud you are of your daughter’s (and your son’s) accomplishments.

    Your references to having a writer in the family made me laugh. Sometimes, I think family members look at us like a strange creature they can’t comprehend.

    Happy Friday!

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    • Thanks, Mae. Hearing that about you and your mom helps. My daughter and I are quite close, and I know the distance won’t change that. It’s just going to be an adjustment. I’ll deal; I always do.

      Family members who don’t write don’t quite get us, do they? Sometimes their expressions to our discussions are priceless. Certainly good for a laugh.

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    • That’s true. I am excited for her. I just know I’ll miss her. Thank God technology has shrunk the world. Think about Gram and Gramp… I don’t think they ever even spoke to their Italian families after they moved to the US.


  3. I remember those days well. They’re good memories, too!

    My youngest got married four years ago and moved twenty-five hundred miles away. I was devastated. I was sad when her older brothers relocated, but it wasn’t the same. Though we talked often – okay, daily – I didn’t see her for two years until her husband was reassigned to a base only an hour away. We’ve had a blast these last two years not only as mother/daughter but ‘two old married women.’ LOL!

    My son-in-law is up for his third promotion so I know it’s only a matter of time before he’s reassigned. I’ll have to say goodbye to my baby…again. And I’ll cry. Again. 😉

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    • Oh, Felicia. Military life is so hard. We used to live by Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and we no sooner made friends that they had to leave. My niece is married to an Army doctor, and she’s learning this, too. I’m so glad you and your daughter have this time together. Try not to think about her next move. There’s plenty of time to deal with it then.

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