Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Before I get to the post, let me take a second for shameless self-promotion. You can find me guest lecturing at Romance University today. I’m discussing the six steps to writing a romance, and (because I love to cook) I’m correlating it to making sauce. Yes, that’s right. I’ve equated homemade pasta sauce to romance novels. (If you know me at all, that can’t possibly surprise you.) I hope you check it out and leave a comment. But, you know, wait until you’ve finished reading this post. There will be a link again at the end.  😉

Writing and FamilyYou must be tired of hearing me lament about how fast time is passing. It seems I just finish one Friday post and I’m already composing the next. My apologies, but I don’t see that changing any time soon.

My motto this week comes from Harlan Coben. Sadly, it’s all too true. Lately, if I’m not working, I’m handling a family obligation. And if I’m not doing something for my family, I’m writing or editing or designing something.

I used to have a life. I swear I did. I traveled. I went to concerts and the ballet and musicals. I went to sporting events played by professionals, not my kids. We even went to a Super Bowl once—to see our home team play!

Now, it’s a banner day when I put on jeans and run to Hell-Mart, er, I mean Wal-Mart.

Because of this, I am taking a vacation this coming week. Well, that’s not entirely true, either. I’m traveling back to Pennsylvania so we can celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation with extended family and long-time friends. But I’m getting out of town for a while, so that’s something.

I share this (cautiously, because I’m still afraid of crazy online stalker people, which is why I have a house-sitter) so you know where I’ll be next week if I’m not posting or replying. I will do my best to catch up quickly upon our return, though.

Now, on to other news.

The organized links of the week.

Short Fiction/WP DP Challenge Links:

Links to Posts on Sites I’m Affiliated With:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find these links entertaining and/or useful. In the meantime, before you go, feel free to weigh in on any of this content down below.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

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