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A little silly sci-fi humor…

robot“I don’t get it,” the lab tech said. “What’s the attraction?”

“He’s dreamy.”

“He really isn’t.”

“Look at him. He’s kind of sparkly, and he’s got those flecks of brown in him.”

“I think that’s rust.”

“You’re just jealous.” She drifted closer to him.

“Jealous? Of a hunk of rock?”

“He is a hunk, isn’t he?” She slid across the floor and stuck to the side of the mineral sample.

“No, he’s magnetite. Actually, he’s not a ‘he’ at all. He’s just a chunk of stone we brought in to run some experiments on. And you’re a robot. Apparently a magnetized one.”

“We have such a strong attraction.” Her head was stuck to the lodestone, and she wrapped her arms around it.

“Your circuits are fried. I’m going to get the scientists. They can sort you out.”

“Don’t hurry. I’m not going anywhere.”


This story inspired by the WordPress daily prompt: Magnet.