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Local News“Now, in local news, we go on location to Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, where Lisa Scott is covering a breaking story. Lisa?”

“Thanks, Jerry. I’m standing here outside the Vandergrift Library, where hometown author Staci Troilo has barricaded herself inside. Witnesses say she’s throwing all the novels on the floor and crying hysterically about bestsellers lists.”

“Lisa, have the authorities been called?”

“No, Jerry. Just library volunteers to put the books back on the shelves. Apparently, author meltdowns are rather commonplace. Back to you, Jerry.”

“Well.” Jerry clears his throat and adjusts his tie. “Sorry about that, folks. It’s a slow news day, and we needed to fill our local timeslot. Now, let’s take a look at our forecast. Fred, how’s it looking out there?”

This story inspired by the WordPress daily prompt: Local.