Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

exercise your writing muscleI swear, Fridays roll around faster every week. Time for this week’s author message, discussion, and links.

My motto this week comes from Jane Yolen. I’ve started writing short fiction many mornings, just to wake up the writing muscles. I mentioned it last week when I started, and I’m happy to say I’ve kept up with it this week.

Now, if I’m posting a review or hosting a guest or marketing a cover reveal or new release, I’m going to forego the prompt that day. Likewise if I’m sharing writing links or reblogging for a friend. I don’t want to inundate people’s inboxes with my ramblings on those days, particularly because these short pieces aren’t labors of love for me—they’re fun to do, but they’re just exercises to get me warmed up for the day.

So, long story short, I think the posts are working. I’m more prepared when I sit down to work on my WIP. There’s none of that wasted getting-into-the-groove time. I already did that. And sure, maybe it’s the same amount of time spent, but this way I’m meeting new bloggers and writing something not WIP-related, so I’m tapping into fresh themes.

I’m happy with it so far. What do you think? Is this something I should continue to pursue, or is it a waste of time?

The organized links of the week.

Short Fiction/WP DP Challenge Links:

Links to Posts on Sites I’m Affiliated With:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find these links entertaining and/or useful. In the meantime, before you go, feel free to weigh in on any of this content down below.

Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you next week!

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10 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. I think the fiction pieces you’ve been doing through the daily prompts are a wonderful way to get the creativity flowing, Staci. Your stories have been fantastic and I look forward to more. I still hope to give it a try eventually, as I would love to benefit from that warm-up too. Happy Friday!

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  2. Friday couldn’t have come soon enough for me this week. Although it came so fast I didn’t have time to write a wrap-up post for today. Looking forward to Saturday. I’ve enjoyed your short fiction pieces – hope to do a few of my own soon.

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