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William Faulkner Writing QuoteFriday came fast this week! Where does the time go?

I started a new blogging strategy in the effort to connect with more people. Most days, I’m doing the WordPress Daily Prompt challenge. I wish they’d post the topic a little earlier, because I like to start my day pretty early, but so far, it’s been working out okay.

I’ve connected with more people, and because I’ve decided to do short fiction for the prompts, I’ve been able to flex my creative muscles before I start writing my WIP for the day.

Because of the extra writing, I think this week’s quote is quite appropriate. I’m getting the words down, and I’m taking chances. So far, the fiction has been well received, but I know I’ll have good posts and bad. The goal, though, is just to get better at my craft and reach people, and I think this challenge is going to let me do just that.

Writing LinksNow, for the organized links of the week.

Short Fiction/WP DP Challenge Links:

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find these links entertaining and/or useful. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll see you next week!