Her Punctured Lung Punctured His Heart

Type and CrossType and Cross is a suspense-filled family drama. Here is an excerpt:

“She didn’t have protective gear, either.” His voice broke. “Her clothes, what little there were, were ripped to rags. Her rib punctured her lung, and the whole side of her body was cinder-scraped.”

“It sounds awful.”

“You still haven’t figured out the worst part.” He glared at her through bloodshot eyes. Red-faced, he trembled. His anger and pain vibrated through his body and dwarfed everything else in the room, but she still couldn’t figure out what it all had to do with her.

Apprehensive, she confronted him. “Tell me.” She didn’t want to hear the words, but she had to know. Was the girl his? Had he been unfaithful? She’d always had her suspicions, given the hours he worked and the sick co-dependent relationship he had with Lydia, but to have proof he’d had an affair? She hadn’t wanted it like this.

He shook his head and tried again, without success, to pour more into his glass. His hands trembled. She didn’t know if it was from the liquor or from his grief.

He dropped the bottle and bent over so his nose nearly bumped hers. “She died, Vanessa. I don’t know if I could have saved her or not, but they’re saying she died because of my blood. She’s O negative, not A positive.”

“Okay. You made a mistake. Or two. We can get past this. That’s what malpractice insurance is for. We’ll talk to the attorney, and explain—”

He stood and paced the room. “God, you really don’t get it. Do I have to paint you a picture? She died because of me. Because I didn’t know.” He stopped mid-stride and looked at her. “And because of you.”

Visit the Cathedral Lake series page or the Type and Cross page for more information about the Keller Family.

This post inspired by the WordPress daily prompt: Puncture

16 thoughts on “Her Punctured Lung Punctured His Heart

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  2. Oooh, I want to know more! And just FYI, Staci, I’m thinking next week might be a good one for Excerpt Week on The Write Stuff. In which case, everyone is invited to post an excerpt from one of their books, complete with blurb, bio, and Buy Links. Hope you’ll consider taking part. 🙂

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