Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Step Into A Scene And Let It Drip From Your FingertipsLast week I said I wasn’t going to be a writer this week, I was going to be writing.

I probably didn’t write as much as I would have liked because of editing projects. And life. (Does anyone ever write as much as they want? I’m not talking to you Stacy Claflin; you’re a machine and that doesn’t count.) But I was more than a writer this week. I was WRITING. And that’s awesome.

I don’t know about you, but I find that when everything comes together and I’m in the zone, the words just flow. I’m immersed in my story world. My characters come to life, my settings feel tangible, my plotlines enthrall me. (It must be what a runner’s high feels like, but I wouldn’t know because I abhor running.)

This week, I didn’t just step into one scene—I stepped into several chapters’ worth of scenes. The words dripped from my fingertips. And I loved it.

I don’t think anything in our vocation feels better than that. (If you write because of money or fame, more power to you, but that’s not me. I write because I’m compelled to.)

What about you, authors? Were you a writer this week, or were you writing? And readers? Were you a reader this week, or were you reading? Here’s hoping you were actively engaged in your passions this week. Let us know in the comments below.

Writing LinksAll right. That was the motivational quote portion of today’s post. Onto my favorite graphic indicator ever… this week’s organized writing links. 😉 (I still think that’s funny. Sorry.)

Here are the links this week of posts I wrote, or posts on sites I’m affiliated with. If you have the time, please consider visiting these pages and checking them out.

SammiAnd before I go, I want to wish my beautiful and talented daughter (who very likely will never see this) a very happy 18th birthday. What a blessing it’s been to watch her grow from an innocent baby to a wonderful young lady.

Okay. Proud-mom-moment over. I have to go make her tiramisu for her party tonight. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!



17 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. Hi Staci,
    I’m so glad to hear you had such a productive week! And a very happy birthday to your daughter. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling with your baby turning into an official adult! You’ve done a great job with your kids – you have much to be proud of!

    Thanks for the shoutout! It’s funny, this year hasn’t been my most productive (started out with a month-long sickness) but I finally have my groove back. How did you know? 😉

    Have a great weekend celebrating!

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    • Thanks for those kind words, Stacy. I am proud of my kids. I can’t believe they’re both official adults, though. I feel like they should be about seven and six. (I will pass along your birthday wishes.)

      I feel like we all talked about a lousy January. But I figured you were ramping up production because I haven’t seen you in forums much. (Besides, even with your lower productivity rate this year, you still publish more than most writers I know. Had to give a shout-out to a work ethic like that.)

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  2. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter! I know you’ll be certain she has a special day 🙂

    I was woefully unproductive this week on the writing front. I managed one blog post for the hopper and a few paltry words on my WIP. I did, however, manage to make better strides in my reading (research for the WIP) so the week wasn’t a total loss.I’m hoping to make up time and kick butt next week.

    Happy Friday!

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  3. Don’t we all wish we could be like Stacy? She continues to amaze me. This week hasn’t been a good one for writing with everything happening at my day job. But I hope to turn this around soon. At least the end is in sight on my WIP and that’s a good thing. Ideas for other projects are turning in my head. Thanks for sharing the links and have a great weekend.

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  4. Tiramisù! It’s my favorite dessert ever, even if the chocolate powder on top always makes me cough.

    This week I have been writing too. Finally, I got rid of a translation project which kept me busy since February and I had some time before starting the next translation so I managed to put a few thousands words in my WIP, Undercover. It was such a relief to be back to some real writing after a month of almost nothing.

    Now I have another weekend ahead to put a few more words on the page.

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      • I don’t mind when other people make mistakes, but it drives me nuts when I do, so believe me, I get it. But this is a safe space here, so never worry about it when you visit.

        I kind of like the quiet in the middle of the night (as is obvious, because I’m writing you at 3:15). But… babies! How great to work with babies! I am glad you have time to write this week, though.

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