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Valuable TreasuresWhen I was young, my father and both my grandfathers loved to watch westerns, particularly on the weekends. I was subjected to the genre more than I care to remember.

Now I think back to those days fondly, but I still have no real love for the genre. Which is why I swore I’d never write westerns.

Funny that I’ve written four western shorts now, two of which have been published. You can find my short story, “Warrior of Blanca Peak” in the Unshod anthology. It’s a contemporary western romance, but that’s not what I want to discuss today.

Book three of the Medici Protectorate series, Body Armor, is set to release in August. To ramp up interest in the series, my publisher has released this short western prequel, Valuable Treasures, before the novel’s release.

I never thought I’d write one western, let alone four, but I really like the ones I’ve written so far.

Valuable Treasures explores the difficulty Italians had when coming to our country. It’s a compelling introduction to the mythology surrounding the Medici Protectorate series.Β I set it in Colorado, which is where my grandmother’s family first settled. It seemed only fitting to me that she get represented somehow in the series, as the idea originally stemmed from my grandfather’s heritage. Now I feel I’ve paid both of them homage.

If you like romances, paranormals, westerns, or thrillers, you may enjoy this story. I hope you check it out.

So what about you? Do you like westerns? Do you think there’s a way to tie other genres inΒ to make them appeal to a wider audience? Let’s talk about it.