Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Writing GarbageI’ve decided I’m going to analyze my writing week (every week) and share the motto that best fits what I experienced.

This week, editing was a primary focus. Not because I was busy with editing clients, but because one of my novels had an editor I wasn’t happy with, and it finally caught up to me.

I got a review on Amazon saying the book was enjoyable, but it had editing errors. And while I hated hearing that, I agreed. I’ve always felt that way. But it’s not a self-published book, so I was at the mercy of my editor (who is no longer with my publisher, so that’s a relief).

The moral of the story?

I’m an editor. My clients tell me I’m a darn good one. I’ve got both the degrees and the experience (I’ve been editing for years) to back up that claim.

But I cannot (and I can’t stress this enough), absolutely CANNOT, edit my own work. And I doubt many people can self-edit.

So please, take the time to polish and revise and rewrite until you’re satisfied with your work. Only then should you send it—your very best effort—to an editor. (Hopefully to a qualified, talented editor.) That’s the only way you can guarantee your work will shine.

Writing Links

Organized links. Get it?

Okay. Enough said about that. I had another busy week. But what else is new, right? Here are the links to this week’s sites/posts I made or am affiliated with. I hope you find something useful.

  • Monday, Harmony Kent discussed harvesting and cultivating ideas when writing. You can read that Story Empire post by clicking here.
  • Tuesday, I posted some details about the Medici Protectorate series. You can find those updates here.
  • Wednesday, Joan Hall wrote about attracting fans. Find her thoughts at the Story Empire site by clicking here.
  • Thursday, K. E. Lane continued her series on writing better manuscripts. Read her AIW Press post by clicking here.
  • Friday, today, in addition to my summary here, you can find a list of writing industry links over at Story Empire. You can access the curated content by clicking here. (I highly encourage you to check out this post. There are some really helpful articles assembled for you.)

Wishing you a happy and relaxing weekend!


21 thoughts on “Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

  1. I love this – I think it’s important that you have excellent editors, as well as a good manuscript that is submitted to start with. Looking forward to following Story Empire, as well. Thanks for the links!

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  2. I love your Friday wrap posts. It’s an excellent idea.

    I thoroughly agree that it’s impossible to edit your own work. Polish yes, but that final step with a professional editor is a necessity in my opinion. And I’ll back up what Joan said–you are a darn good editor!

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    • The daily reblogs were starting to overwhelm me, since I have weekly commitments for three sites plus a guest at Romance University sometimes. (And other guest posts, too.) But when I only did the links list, the post seemed a little skimpy. I think I’m going to try this for a while. I kind of like to end the week on a recap/inspiration quote. We’ll see how it is received, I guess.

      And thank you (about the editing). But it didn’t help me on that particular novel.

      And though I talked about it above and you echoed it here, I simply can’t say it or stress it enough: It doesn’t matter how good you are at editing; you can’t edit your own work.

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      • Okay, you probably won’t believe this (we’ll you probably will). I did a wrap-up post this week and had also considered doing a Friday wrap-up. Great minds…

        Now I just need to write original content on my blog!


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