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Okay, the title probably is a bit misleading, but I’ll be perfectly frank—I hate writing titles. At least, I hate coming up with them for me. I can usually find a good title for my editing clients if they’re stuck. (Isn’t it always easier to help someone else rather than ourselves?)

But, as usual, I digress.

Body Armor Teaser

Body Armor Teaser—Nico and Coz

I wrote that title to give you an update on the Medici Protectorate series—the modern day secret descendants of that dynasty who have been thrust into a world of danger and deceit.

Book three (Body Armor) is with the publisher, being edited as we speak. When I first started working on it, I didn’t think it would come close to Mind Control, but I have to confess, Vinnie is my ideal book boyfriend, so I thought all the books would pale in comparison. (Funny fact, though: When I started writing Vinnie’s story, I hated it. But that might have had more to do with Jo than Vinnie. Jo was very standoffish, and I had trouble getting to know her. Once I did, though, wow! That was my favorite book. By. Far.)

Anyway, I’m happy to say I’m really pleased with the end result of Body Armor. Even with an outline, it took a few pleasantly surprising detours. But that’s fine with me; I think the story is better for having rerouted a few times. (And it’s the journey as much as the destination, right?)

Above I posted a teaser that you can only see here. It’s a little insight into Nico’s mindset through most of his story. He’s under a ton of pressure, and even his brother/best friend is getting on his nerves. You’ll have to read the story to learn more.

In addition to that teaser, if you want another look at what’s going on with Nico and Donni, might I suggest you visit my Twitter stream? The pinned post is another teaser. (And if you’d like to share it, that would be great, too. Thanks.) You can find that tweet here.

I hope to have a cover to share with you soon. Body Armor is supposed to come out in August, so the clock’s ticking! In the meantime, if you need to catch up with the series, you can find more information here:

Published Titles:

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PS: Bonus points if you know what else I released yesterday. I’ll give you a hint… You can find it/them on my website or in my fan group on Facebook.