One-Sheets and Bios for Writers

Ah, Monday. The I-can’t-believe-the-weekend’s-over-already-and-I-really-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed day. Every day of the week.

Once I manage to get moving, I’m actually pretty productive on Mondays. It’s kind of like a clean slate for me. I haven’t blown any goals yet, so it’s pristine. (By Friday, I’ve missed a lot of my to-do list targets, and I’m bummed. But that’s for another discussion.)

Today, at Story Empire, I’ve been super productive. (Granted, the post wasn’t written today, it was only scheduled to post today. But I probably wrote it on a productive Monday.)

It’s a continuation of my media kit posts. It talks about the one-sheet and the author bio.

Here are just some of the parts a one-sheet can include*:

  • Book cover
  • Book title
  • Purchase information, including links
  • Author information (name, contact info, website and social media links)
  • Book blurb

* For the full list, plus a sample, visit the original post.

I also talk about the four types of biographies an author should have*.

  • two-line
  • short
  • medium
  • long

* For examples and definitions, visit the original post.

I hope you visit the Story Empire blog, read the post, and find it useful. While you’re there, if you haven’t already, check out the links for the other media kit blog posts, too.

Maybe I’ll see you over there. Either way, wishing you a happy and productive Monday!


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