C. S. Boyack and Character in Will O’the Wisp

Hi, everybody. I’m so glad you can join me today. I’m traveling all over the place. You can find me at Delilah Devlin’s site and Mary E. Thompson’s site, as well as making my last tour stop with Mae Clair.

But I’m especially excited to welcome C. S. Boyack here as we round out the Story Empire Roadshow tour. Let’s make him feel right at home, shall we?

Now, without further ado, let me turn it over to Craig!

Thanks for letting my park my bookmobile at your place today. This Story Empire Roadshow has been a blast this week.

Today I’m holding a sale. My paranormal novel, Will O’ the Wisp is priced at 99¢ today and tomorrow. This story is set in the 1970s and is as much a coming of age tale as anything else.

Reviewers have commented on my inclusion of such things as Quisp cereal, International Harvester automobiles, the first microwaves, and even Euell Gibbons to give it that 1970s flavor. I’ve gotten many nice comments about how well I wrote a teenage girl, too.

That girl is Patty Hall. Her father died in a tragic accident, and her mother remarried. Her older brother is returning from Vietnam. As the story unfolds, there seems to be a mysterious light in the woods near her home that is associated with the death of many of her family members, including her own father. Now that Patty has seen one of these Will O’ the Wisps, it seems to be targeting her, too.

Can Patty figure out what is causing the Will O’ the Wisp before it’s too late, and if she does figure it out, will she be able to do anything about it? You’ll have to read the book to find out. But hey, the good news is you can do that for 99¢ today and tomorrow.

Will o'the Wisp by C. S. BoyackAbout Will O’the Wisp:

There is something evil up Bergamot Holler, and it’s been targeting the Hall family for generations.

Patty Hall is fifteen years old. She loves stargazing, science fiction, and all things related to space exploration. This leaves her perfectly prepared for the wrong problem.

Patty is afraid her mother will send her to a care facility if she tells her what she’s seen. If she doesn’t figure things out soon, she’s going to join her father in the Hall family cemetery plot.

Patty has to come to grips with her own physical handicap, survive the wilderness, and face an ancient evil all alone if she’s going to survive.

Will O’ the Wisp is suitable for young adults. It involves strong elements of suspense and is set in the mid-1970s.

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At the end of this tour, I’m going to tally up all the comments I’ve gotten during the week and send the top two most prolific commenters a gigantic coffee mug. The mug features my Romanesque bust and Lisa Burton, my robotic personal assistant and spokesmodel. Believe me, you want one of these, so comment away.

Story Empire is a cooperative effort of six outstanding authors, and while I’m parked at Staci’s, she’s over at Mae Clair’s place, so make sure you visit there, too. (Link your spot.)

C. S. Boyack

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Well, that wraps up the tour! What great guests I had this week. Let’s show Craig some comment love. Not only do we thrive on discussion, but comments enter you to win prizes! Then visit all the other Story Empire blogs to continue the tour and enter to win more great prizes! Remember, I’m visiting Mae today, and I’ll also be with Delilah Devlin and Mary E. Thompson.

Craig | Harmony | Joan | Mae | P. H.

Next week, we’ll announce the grand prize winners, so don’t forget to follow Story Empire for blog posts and updates. 🙂

32 thoughts on “C. S. Boyack and Character in Will O’the Wisp

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  3. I have already read this fast-moving story. Craig did an awesome job in depicting Patty’s insecurities and mindset.His books always keep me turning page after page, wanting more.

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