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Well, the tour continues today. I will be at Romance University talking about deep point of view, and I’ll also be visiting Story Empire author Joan Hall and taking a bookmobile tour of Pittsburgh.

As our Story Empire Roadshow rolls forward, I’m happy to welcome a repeat visitor to my site—Joan Hall. Joan released her first novel last year, Unseen Motives, book one of her Driscoll Lake series. She’s here today interviewing one of her characters, Matt Bradford. She’s also offering a prize. Read on to the end for more information.

Now, take it away, Joan!

Since my last visit to Driscoll Lake and my meeting with Stephanie Harris, I haven’t been able to get her off my mind. I have a sense she is in danger. Whether it is the person who sent the anonymous notes is unclear.

Stephanie is also strong-willed and has refused to tell the police. She won’t even talk with Police Chief Matt Bradford even though I got the impression she has a close relationship with him.

I decided to go back to Driscoll Lake in hopes of learning more. Maybe I can talk with Stephanie again. If not, it will give me a good excuse to eat lunch at Rosa’s Taqueria again.

As usual, the place was crowded during lunchtime and I felt lucky to be able to find a table. I sat where I could see people as they entered. Stephanie wasn’t around, but it wasn’t long after I arrived that the door opened and a man dressed in a police uniform walked through the door.

He was tall, at least 6’2”, and appeared to be in his mid-thirties. He might be a police officer, but he had the muscular build of an athlete. When he came closer to my table, I was able to read his nametag—Bradford.

So, this is Matt. With his rugged good looks and deep blue eyes, it’s no wonder Stephanie is attracted to him.

He looked down and smiled as he passed my table. I was surprised when he turned around and spoke to me.

“Hey, aren’t you Joan?”

“Yes,” I replied. “How did you know?”

“Stephanie told me about you. She told me about your visit, that you are also an author, and showed me your photograph on Amazon when she purchased one of your books.”

“She bought one of my books? I’m flattered, but I’m nowhere in her league.”

“What brings you back to Driscoll Lake?”

“Actually, it’s because of Stephanie that I’m here. I can’t help but believe she is in danger.”

He frowned. “What makes you think that?”

I hesitated. Should I break a confidence? If she was in danger, someone needed to know. “I probably shouldn’t say anything, but did you know she’s been receiving anonymous notes?”

“She told you about them?”

“Yes. She said she didn’t want to bother you—or do you know?”

He sighed. “I found out the day after her accident.”

“Accident?” I tried to keep my voice low, so as not to let others know what we were discussing. Someone didn’t want Stephanie around and that person might be in the room.

“Yes. Mind if I join you?”

“Please do.” I motioned to the empty chair across the table.

“What type of accident?”

“Someone forced her car off the road. She’s lucky to be alive.”

“Any idea who may have done it?”

“I have my suspicions, but Carlos told me to let him handle things. He believes my relationship with Stephanie… He thinks I’m too close to be objective.”

They are involved. Can’t say that I blame Stephanie. He’s one good-looking man. I quickly put aside my thoughts. Clearing my throat, I said, “Who is Carlos?”

“My detective. He’s looking into everything. You see, I blamed a good friend. I was wrong and Carlos set me straight.”

“Has Stephanie learned anything else about her father’s death?”

“No. And things have gotten more complicated since that body was found—I’m sure you heard about it, but I’d better not discuss an ongoing case. Anyway, Stephanie says she’s giving up and going back to Denver.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah, me too. I had hoped to persuade her to stay, but she’s determined to go.”

“Maybe she’ll come around.”

Matt stood up from the table. “Yeah, I hope so. Even more, I want us to catch the person responsible for her accident. She won’t be safe until we do.”

“Nice talking with you. Please give Stephanie my regards.”

I watched him walk away. Stephanie is one lucky woman to have someone like Matt to care for her. But even though he is a police officer, I couldn’t help but wonder if even he will be able to keep her from danger.


I hope you enjoyed the visit with Matt. On tomorrow’s tour stop, I’ll talk a bit about truth vs. fiction and how I incorporated two real life events into the story.  Unseen Motives is on sale this week for .99. Click here for the purchase link.

At the end of the week, I’ll select two random winners for $10.00 Amazon gift cards. To enter, leave a comment below. What is your impression of Matt? Care to venture what’s behind the anonymous warnings?

Well, if that didn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what would. I read (and thoroughly loved) Unseen Motives, and now I want to read it again. And I can’t wait for book two to release.

In the meantime, why not show Joan some comment love? It enters you into the drawing to win, and it lets her know your thoughts about this interview. 🙂

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the tour stops today! All our authors are talking about their various works and offering prizes of their own—but you’ve got to comment to be in the running. Remember, I’m visiting Joan today, and I’m also over at Romance University. Here are today’s Story Empire stops:

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