What Your Author Website is Likely Missing, Pt. 1

Mystery Topic...Over at Story Empire today, we’re discussing an important and often neglected aspect of the author website. I’ll give you a hint—it’s something that is tremendously helpful for marketing, and almost no authors take advantage of it.

Curious? Please go check it out by clicking here. And leave a comment; we’d love to know what you think.

Published by Staci Troilo

A writer fascinated with interpersonal relationships, the importance of family, and the relevance of heritage. Learn more at https://stacitroilo.com.

5 thoughts on “What Your Author Website is Likely Missing, Pt. 1

    1. Thanks. I’m trying to gain traction as well, and I appreciate the support.

      I visited your site. I can’t find a follow button. I did like your Bones Finale post. In fact, I just wrote a post yesterday about the series ending. https://stacitroilo.wordpress.com/2017/03/28/satisfying-ends-to-series/ The ending wasn’t a blockbuster, but it was true to the tone of the series, I think. I didn’t care for their explanation of the 4:47. I expected it to tie into Pelant, not have a completely different meaning. Still, I think they can be proud of the series and how it went out, all things considered.


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