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Is there anyone left who hasn’t been impacted by cancer in some way? The disease is so widespread, I think all of us has a family member or friend who has had it. Or maybe its impact is even more personal.

My father-in-law and both my parents are survivors, although my grandfather wasn’t so lucky. To honor them, I like to support causes that raise money to fight cancer. This is the first one that’s actually in my wheelhouse… writers donating books.

Read on to learn about this cause, and, author or not, please consider whether you can help. Thank you, Marlena, for your efforts.

Life As I Know It

Hello, bloggers!

As many of you know, I am very passionate about Relay For Life and the fight against cancer. Cancer has affected my family multiple times. Not only have I lost loved ones, but I know many people that have also suffered the pain of this horrible disease. Cancer is a scary thing and, let’s just be honest, it sucks.

For this reason, I created my own Relay For Life Team – FINDING HOPE. My hometown’s event is scheduled for May, so the planning has already began. The theme this year is “Once upon a cure.” Each Relay Team has to create their own theme from the main one.

Perhaps it’s the writer in me or the awesome book club I’m in, but the first thing I thought about when I heard this was reading. So, from the main theme, I came up with this:

“Fighting cancer, one story at…

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