And The Winner Is…

Picture it—Late fall, 2016. Tensions are high. Discussions are getting out of hand. Finally the ballot is released and people rush to cast their votes for the main category all the way down the ballot.

And then we wait to see who won. Everyone discusses their selections. Results can’t come soon enough. We’re desperate to know…

Don’t delete this post. I’m not talking about the political election. (I refuse to discuss that.) I’m talking about:

The 2016 Rave Awards!

One of the many perks of the Rave Reviews Book Club—and believe me, there are many—is that they go out of their way to promote and reward their authors.

Rave Reviews Book ClubIn 2016, RRBC posted a ballot with ten categories, five-ish nominees in each group. If you’d like to watch the video announcement, click here. Otherwise, here are the categories and the winners.

Most Creative Tweets (click to tweet)

  1. Jan Sikes
  2. A. M. Manay
  3. Stephanie Collins

Best Book Cover (click to tweet)

  1. The Anesthesia Game by Rea Nolan Martin
  2. Angel of Death by Jennifer Hinsman
  3. A Perilous Thirst by Rhani D’Chae

Best Book Trailer (click to tweet)

  1. Jazz Baby by Beem Weeks
  2. If Only There Was Music: The Poetry of Forbidden Love by Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordan
  3. She Lights up the Dark (Novemeber Snow Book 2) by A. M. Manay

Best Blog Site (click to tweet)

  1. Watch Nonnie Write by Nonnie Jules
  2. Fiction Favorites by John Howell
  3. Entertaining Stories by C. S. Boyack

Most Giving Hands (click to tweet)

  1. Nonnie Jules
  2. Marlena Smith
  3. Jan Sikes

Most Supportive Member (click to tweet)

  1. Wendy Scott
  2. Stephanie Collins
  3. Nonnie Jules

Member of the Year (click to tweet)

  1. Jan Hawke
  2. Wendy Scott
  3. Stephanie Collins

Top Reviewers (click to tweet)

  1. Karen Ingalls
  2. Joy Bamijoko
  3. Gwen Plano

Top Recruiter (click to tweet)

  • Stephanie Collins

Book of the Year (click to tweet)

  1. Type and Cross by Staci Troilo
  2. She Dies at the End (Novemeber Snow Book 1) by A. M. Manay
  3. The Playground by C. S. Boyack

AwardsI was so honored just to have been nominated. Winning first place for Book of the Year was such a surprise and quite the humbling experience. I was up against some exceptional work. Voting had to have been close.

I want to thank RRBC for creating this wonderful online hub and giving all us members a chance at recognition as well as so many other opportunities throughout the year.

If you haven’t looked into becoming a member (there are options for both readers and writers), you really should. You won’t find an organization more interested in promoting good writing and talented authors. For more details, click here (and when you join, tell them I sent you).

Congratulations to all nominees and all the winners!

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