Release Day for Pride and Fall

I told you in an earlier post that I’d have one or two promotions to discuss before the end of the year. Well, here’s one of them.

The time has finally arrived. Not only is book three of the Cathedral Lake series finally available, the Keller Trilogy is now complete.

Pride and Fall wraps up the Keller family’s story, bringing an end to a conflict many may not have known was still on-going.

This continuation of the saga follows Faith Keller, her reaction to the horrors in her past, and her efforts to overcome them. Complicating matters? Officer Carter Emerson, who seems hell-bent on blaming her for a local crime spree. Both have to undergo drastic changes and overcome shocking obstacles to move on to a place of healing and peace. Are the hurdles too high to conquer? Find out in the culmination of the series.

Click here for purchase information.

Click here to read the beginning.

Have you been following the Kellers and the Cathedral Lake series? I’d love to know what you think so far. Leave a comment below.

13 thoughts on “Release Day for Pride and Fall

  1. Oh, it’s finally out! I was just on Amazon two days ago poking around for it. Grabbed my copy and downloaded. As soon as I finish my present read, I am diving in! I can’t wait to see what happens to the Kellers (and Faith) in this one. And hey, that name–Carter Emerson? I haven’t even met him yet and I think I love him, LOL. Congrats, Staci. And if you’d like some blog promo, you know mine is always open!

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