A Medici Protectorate Standalone Prequel Short Story: “Valuable Treasures”

Valuable TreasuresI’m a little late but very happy to announce the publication of a Medici Protectorate standalone prequel short story, available in the Fall 2016 edition of the western magazine, Saddlebag Dispatches.

Fans of the Medici Protectorate series understand that, while much of the lore is based in Italian history, the novels take place in the present. But this family has roots back hundreds of years, back to the famous Medici line.

“Valuable Treasures” is separate from the contemporary romances, but it is related. Readers will recognize the family, the mirror, the Brotherhood, and if they’re careful, they’ll pick up on a HUGE Easter egg. It will give them something to look forward to in the coming novels.

Here’s a description of “Valuable Treasures.”

Life in the Colorado mountains isn’t easy for immigrants Anita and Ottavio Notaro, particularly when they’re isolated on a hillside and barely speak the language.

Anita is carrying their first child, and Tav works many long, hard hours away from home. This isn’t the American dream they were promised; this is a brutal life on the frontier.

Tav has been saving money to make their lives easier, and he stumbles on a windfall. The only problem is, he isn’t the only one who knows about it. Trouble befalls these two humble Italians, threatening their livelihoods—and their lives.

A strange posse made up of fellow countrymen ride to their rescue. But will they get there in time?

I hope fans of the Medici Protectorate series enjoy western stories. If you do, you can get “Valuable Treasures” and the rest of the Fall 2016 Saddlebag Dispatches by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “A Medici Protectorate Standalone Prequel Short Story: “Valuable Treasures”

  1. Congratulations on having your story in the magazine! Like Mae, I’m a day late. Wish I could figure out a way to read it offline – my eyes aren’t what they used to be. 😉


  2. I hadn’t thought about opening it on a browser in my Kindle. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll poke around some more too on the site when I have time and see if there’s a way to save or download. And yes, it’s a beautiful magazine. Congrats on having your story included!

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  3. I’m a day behind and just seeing this now. Sounds like a great story. I’m currently halfway through Mystery Ink. Mystery Heir, but will have to read this, too. The magazine is gorgeous. I tried to figure out if there is a way to download and read on my Kindle but I can’t seem to find that option. Is it only available to read onscreen?

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    • I really don’t know about the magazine. It used to be a PDF file online, but it looks like it isn’t anymore. And sadly, technology isn’t my strong suit, so I don’t know how to get it on a Kindle. I suppose you could just open that page from your Kindle through a web browser. I’ve done that before with other pages. It’s not the same as downloading it, but it might be an option that works for you.

      And yes, that magazine is gorgeous. I was blown away when I saw the first issue, and I think they’ve only gotten better. This is my first time in it (you know I’m not much of a western writer), but I couldn’t be more pleased to have my work in a showcase like that.

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