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If you are a writer looking for advice from online sources, you’ll frequently hear that writers are among the most generous members of any given field. They will share ideas with you, help promote you, point you to useful resources… in short, they are very giving for people who are supposed to be competitors.

RRBCFor the most part, with few exceptions, I’ve found that to be true of writers.

Then there are the people in the industry who go above and beyond.

The organization I’m talking about is the Rave Reviews Book Club. This isn’t your ordinary book club. Sure, readers can join and find plenty of suggestions about books to read. They can even find reviews and people to discuss fiction, non-fiction, and poetry with. But this organization does so much more than offer a hub for readers.

They are all about networking, promoting others, paying kindnesses forward.

If you are an author, you won’t find a better book club to join. IF (and that’s purposely a big IF) you go into it with the right mindset. Don’t join RRBC if you want people to help you; join because you want to help them.

RRBC offers the following benefits to their members:

  • books listed in their catalog
  • visibility, which can result in paid downloads and reviews
  • free or discounted contest entries
  • social media support
  • possible invitation to be the feature in podcasts and other promotions
  • consideration for work to be included in their anthologies
  • discounts to their workshops and expos
  • so much more…

The most interesting thing is that this organization was created not to make money, not as an excuse to hang out with friends, not to create an income stream like so many other writers do with additional products and courses, but as a way to bring attention to literature that people might not otherwise find.

It doesn’t get more altruistic than that.

So if you want to be a pay-it-forward kind of writer, what are your responsibilities? These are the traits I think you need to possess.

 W Writing Knowledge. Be willing to share your tips, tricks, and experiences with others. You will both benefit.
 R Respectful Attitude. If you know more than someone else, do not talk down to them or ignore them. You were once in the same position. Pay it forward.
 I Indomitable Spirit. Writers get rejected. A lot. Keep a positive attitude. Optimism is infectious, and it’s self-fulfilling.
 T Tenacity. Keep going; persevere. Your attitude will rub off on others, as well. It’s a hard vocation, but you can succeed.
 E Enthusiasm. Passion breeds success. Be excited about your work. Sit at your computer anxious to write, and then share your work and methods.
 R Responsiveness. If people take the time to reach out to you, no matter the reason, answer them. In a timely manner. It’s not only polite; it’s a good networking opportunity for both of you.

So that’s what I think a writer’s responsibilities are. Most of them are more about giving of yourself than receiving, but I believe everything evens out in the end. Besides, helping people feels good!

If meeting wonderful, helpful people who are interested in reading and writing sounds like something you’d enjoy or benefit from (on multiple levels), you owe it to yourself to check out Rave Reviews Book Club. The cost is minimal, the rewards are priceless.

Click the link above to go to the main site, or if you’re ready to jump aboard now, click here for the membership page. (And tell them I sent you!)