Let Me Introduce You to Suzanne Burke

I’m part of a fabulous organization for writers called Rave Reviews Book Club (or RRBC). This group’s primary focus is forging relationships between writers, and between writers and readers. What I most love about it is that it reminds us to be generous with our support of authors. To that end, this week they are sponsoring a “Pay It Forward” week, where we don’t promote ourselves, but rather other talented writers and supportive readers.Pay It Forward

Suzanne BurkeToday, it is my pleasure to pay the support forward to Suzanne Burke (known to friends and family as Soooz), a sixty-something author who resides in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Suzanne’s non-fiction books Empty Chairs and Faint Echoes of Laughter were written under the pen name Stacey Danson. They are now available on her Amazon page and deal with deplorable and horrific situations of abuse and homelessness.

Given her upbringing, it is so heartening to know that this is how she now describes herself: “I am spontaneous and highly combustible; I love being with my family and close friends, I laugh loud … and often.” Who doesn’t love an energetic woman with such a zest for life, particularly after such a history?

In addition to her compelling non-fiction work, Soooz also writes fiction. She delights in writing dark thrillers with heavy psychological overtones that aren’t for the faint of heart. They are fast paced and quite brutal, and because of that (or in spite of it?), she’s pleased they have started to resonate.

Soooz would love it (and I’d love to pay it forward to her) if you’d visit her online. You can find her links scattered above, or just click here: Website | Facebook | Twitter.

S Burke           Stacey Danson



24 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You to Suzanne Burke

  1. Hi Soooz and Staci! Sooz, it’s taken me a while, but I think I have finally gotten the number of o’s in your nickname right. I think I was shortchanging you in that department in the past, LOL. I hope you are having a wonderful PIF week! Wishing you (and Staci) a wonderful Friday. RRBC is wonderful in its support of authors!

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  2. We have never met, but I am proud to call Soooz a friend. Always ready to help others, and always (well almost always) with a smile, she has shown great courage in telling her story. Soooz I wish you every success for the future.

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