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I’m part of a fabulous organization for writers called Rave Reviews Book Club (or RRBC). This group’s primary focus is forging relationships between writers, and between writers and readers. What I most love about it is that it reminds us to be generous with our support of authors. To that end, this week they are sponsoring a “Pay It Forward” week, where we don’t promote ourselves, but rather other talented writers and supportive readers.

Pay It Forward

Julie WatsonToday, it is my pleasure to pay the support forward to Julie Watson, author of Born for Life: A Midwife’s Story.

Julie grew up in a small rural town in New Zealand. She started work in the local maternity annex after leaving school at the age of sixteen. She met her husband Barry and was happily married until the unexpected death of their second baby at birth. This tragic event in her life led to depression, loneliness, and despair.

Born for Life: A Midwife's JourneyLife was full of challenges, and it was during this time that Julie became a Christian. In her late thirties, she did her training to become a nurse and a midwife fulfilling a life long dream. Born for Life: A Midwife’s Journey tells her story, and she hopes it will encourage others to follow their dreams even with life’s difficulties.

Julie has traveled extensively and has worked in several countries around the world, caring for women of different cultures and nationalities. Midwifery continues to be her passion and love.

Julie would love it (and I’d love to pay it forward to her) if you’d visit her online. You can find her by clicking the links/photos scattered above, or just click here:
Amazon | Facebook | Twitter.

When you’re done visiting her, check out her memoir. Having suffered a miscarriage myself, I can attest that losing a child (at any stage of its life) is one of the most painful situations a person can endure, and hearing someone else’s story can be a poignant and powerful thing.