Let Me Introduce You to Patricia Green

I’m part of a fabulous organization for writers called Rave Reviews Book Club (or RRBC). This group’s primary focus is forging relationships between writers, and between writers and readers. What I most love about it is that it reminds us to be generous with our support of authors. To that end, this week they are sponsoring a “Pay It Forward” week, where we don’t promote ourselves, but rather other talented writers and supportive readers.Pay It Forward

Today, it is my pleasure to pay the support forward to Patricia Green, creator of the online “Room With Books” platform.

Room With BooksPatricia’s main focus is providing “a place where you can sit down, get comfortable with a hot cup of splendid coffee and select a book from the authors featured [t]here that will help you escape to that place where only you ~ and your favorite characters ~ exist.”

Her site (RoomWithBooks.com) is cozy, warm, and full of books for the reader to select.

Her site began after she developed her Facebook presence and her friends encouraged her to begin sharing posts from many of the authors and tour organizers she’d spotlighted there. Soon she realized she loved reviewing books, promoting new and established authors, helping with book cover reveals, book releases and other book publishing events—and Room With Books was born. She now helps authors promote by spotlighting them on her blog, her Facebook account, and Twitter.

Patricia would love it (and I’d love to pay it forward to her) if you’d visit her online. You can find her links scattered above, or just click here: Website | Facebook | Twitter.

Share a cup of coffee with this wonderfully supportive person, then choose one of her featured listings and snuggle up for a good read.

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23 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You to Patricia Green

  1. Patricia’s site is wonderful. I’ve been a follower for a while and have been lucky enough to be featured there in the past during one of my blog tours. Thanks for the other links, too. I was following her on Twitter but just hopped over, found her on FB and gave her page a like. She really has an inspired love for books. Great to see her featured here on your blog Staci during Pay it Forward Week!

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