Charting a New Course

RRBC Book and Blog PartySorry I’ve been absent lately. The month of August was spent promoting a blog tour with a group I belong to—Rave Reviews Book Club, or RRBC. I’m sure you’ve seen me on Facebook, G+, and Twitter promoting the different stops. It’s a fabulous group, and I’ve met some incredible people there. (I’ll tell you all about that in another post.)

There are four authors in RRBC, though, who I’ve developed a special project with—Mae Clair (who you’ll recognize from our many traded guest posts), Craig Boyack (who you should know from his character Lisa Burton interviewing Mind Control’s Jo Notaro), Harmony Kent (a multi-genre author based in the UK), and Sandra Cox (another multi-genre author right here in the US). Together we’ve started a new group called Story Empire, and I’m inviting you to check it out.

Story Empire

Together the five of us will be discussing all things related to fiction—the craft of writing, traditional and self-publishing, and promotion efforts. Occasionally we’ll talk about our own work (how better to learn than with real world examples?).

My own personal blog is primarily focused on readers, to discuss my work and the work of authors I respect. But Story Empire is a comprehensive site geared toward both readers and writers, and I couldn’t be more excited to introduce it to the world. (Click to tweet this.)

Do stop by, browse the site, and follow us. We’re charting a new journey through the fiction world, and we’d love for you to come along with us.


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  1. Just checked out the site. Looks like it will be a good resource. Thanks to all involved.

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  2. harmonykentonline says:

    So exciting! Love love love the graphics!! 🙂

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  3. Mae Clair says:

    Woo-hoo! Story Empire is rolling out to the world. So excited to be part of it and, with such a great group of authors. I’ll be posting on SE next week.Your graphics on the site are beautiful!

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    1. Staci Troilo says:

      Many thanks, Mae. I’m excited, too!

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  4. Wow, it is a comment bar. (doh!) I intend to run my own post about Story Empire sometime this weekend. Thanks for all your hard work on this.

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    1. Staci Troilo says:

      We’ve all been working hard. Here’s to a great site launch and a long future.

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