Cover Reveal for Medici Protectorate Book Two—Mind Control

I feel like it’s been a decade in coming, but it hasn’t. I’m just so excited because I love this novel SO MUCH and the wait is killing me!

I’m thrilled to present to you the cover for Mind Control, book two of the Medici Protectorate series.

Mind ControlMind Control continues following the Notaro sisters and the Brotherhood, particularly Jo Notaro and her protector, Vinnie Falco. This novel begins not long after book one, Bleeding Heart, ends, and takes us from Western Pennsylvania through a view other destinations, ultimately ending up at the Brothers’ boyhood home in Italy. It’s a fast-paced journey that puts them through both physical and emotional trials, and they both have so much baggage, they may not survive it.

Mind Control will be released on June 24 by Lagan Press.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. I can’t wait. I loved book one. The cover looks great.


  2. Mae Clair says:

    YAY! Gorgeous cover!! And the twenty-fourth is right around the corner. I look forward to the continuation of another great series from you. Congratulations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Staci Troilo says:

      Thanks, Mae. It feels like forever, but you’re right; it will be here before I know it.


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