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Paranormal AttractionsIt seems like we’re inundated today with boxed sets and PNR stories. There’s a good reason for it—paranormal romances are enticing reads, and boxed sets are great values.

Recently I had the chance to participate in my first boxed set, a paranormal romance set with eight other authors. I didn’t know most of them, but the opportunity intrigued me. We’re all bestselling and award-winning authors, so I was confident the set would be successful. Instead of using one of my existing Medici Protectorate series novels, I decided to write a new story and gave it a go.

I didn’t want to do vampire story, though. Competition is fierce for stories of that particular creature, and I couldn’t think of a new angle. (I mean, other than making a vampire sparkle in the sun, I was fresh out of a new concept.) That’s when I decided to create a gargoyle novel. Turns out, there are more of them out there than I thought, but still not that many.

And Love Set in Stone was born.

I love the world Damien and Rina live in, and some of the characters became so dear to me, they’ve already found their way into another series I’m working on. But I digress…

Love Set in Stone is one of nine novels in Paranormal Attractions, the paranormal romance boxed set I’m in that releases June 20. That’s just two short weeks from today. You can pre-order your copy now for a discounted price of 99¢. And you should, because the price won’t stay that low.

In Paranormal Attractions, you’ll find:

If you’d like more details about the books in this set, please visit my Paranormal Attractions page on my website. There I include a brief description of each novel and links to each author’s website. (You can also visit each author’s site by clicking on their names, above.)

And to get your copy of Paranormal Attractions now at the reduced price of 99¢, click on this link to pre-order your copy from Amazon.