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Last week, AIW Press released a short story anthology called Unshod. Its tagline? “Not your granddaddy’s westerns.” That’s probably pretty apt. I remember visiting my grandparents on Sunday evenings. If football or baseball wasn’t on, a western was, and as much as I loved my grandfather, I hated his choice of television entertainment. Spaghetti Westerns might have been created by an Italian, but it was one part of my heritage I was content not to embrace.

Skip ahead to 2016, and I’m writing a western for publication. Bet my grandfather got a good chuckle out of that up in Heaven. He probably elbowed John Wayne and said, “That’s my influence on her.” And he’s probably right. In some respects, anyway. I didn’t care for westerns much, but I did enjoy reading with him, and that’s at least partially where my love of writing came from.

My story for this anthology stayed true to my interests. Sweeping vistas. Romantic entanglements. Mysterious mythologies. Sarcastic banter. But, yeah, I wrote a western. And I’m darn proud of it. It’s not my granddaddy’s western, but I think he’d like it, anyway.

I and eight other women wrote tales either traditionally western or contemporary in flavor. But they are 2016 westerns. I’m honored to be included in this anthology, and I hope you give it a look. It’s available free at many eRetailers, and it hit the bestsellers’ lists in the first 24 hours of its release, so I guess a lot of people are enjoying it. I know I loved the stories in the anthology.

A shout out to the talented authors who join me in Unshod. Please give their sites a visit:

Jan Morrill
Pamela Foster
Joan Hall
P.C. Zick
Janna Hill
Michele Jones
Francis Guenette
Lorna Faith

You can download Unshod here:

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