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I love to promote new authors, and nothing makes me happier than to promote this particular author. I’ve literally known this particular woman my every single day of my entire life.

She’s my sister!

A hearty congratulations to Michele Jones on her first full-length novel, Romance Under Wraps.

Michele never thought she’d be writing a romance, but she rose to the challenge. She wrote this book to be part of a box set with other paranormal romance authors, but actually published it ahead of the box set with AIW Press.

Michele is currently working on her next novel, a psychological thriller. She will add that to her list of publishing credits (Romance Under Wraps, a few short stories and a poem in regional publications).

Interested in her new release? Well, if mummies and Egyptology and curses and romance captivate you, this is the novel for you. Romance Under Wraps takes place in Pittsburgh, primarily at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and follows Tayla (who is in charge of the new Egyptian collection) and Dene (who she thinks is an expert sent from Egypt to assist with the installation but is really a cursed advisor to the pharaoh reanimated for a brief period of time). Here’s a brief look inside:

Dene turned to leave, but stopped. “What if I could prove it?”

“Prove what? That I’m an idiot for falling for you? For thinking we had a chance?” Tayla paced across the floor. “How could I be so stupid?”

Dene crossed the room and spun Tayla toward him. He looked her in the eyes, and wrapped his arms around her, crushing his lips to hers. She pulled back at first, but slowly relaxed, returning the kiss.

He broke the kiss, both of them breathing hard. “Tayla, I want you to know, I love you. I tried to fight it, but I cannot fight it any longer. Please, give me a second chance.”

Her voice cracked as she spoke. “You love me?”

Dene and Tayla. Those two are always getting their signals crossed. Doesn’t help that they have a crazy mummy making things difficult for them. That’s right. Crazy. Mummy. And possibly a mummy’s curse. Like I said, you really should check out the details about the book. To read more about it, visit Michele’s page by clicking here.

So, please join me in congratulating Michele by leaving her a comment in the box below. That first full-length work is the hardest, and I know she’d appreciate the encouragement. Thanks. And Michele? Good job, sis. I’m happy for you.