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My paranormal romance, Love Set in Stone, released this month. I admit, I could have done a better job of promoting it. It’s been a crazy busy year, and I guess promotion has fallen by the wayside.

{hangs head in shame}

I feel really bad about that, because it’s a pretty nifty story. Gargoyle. Angel. Fallen angel. Female lead with the worst luck ever. Loyal best friend. Really cool security. Detective in designer clothes who may or may not have it out for said female. Villain who’s connected… But I don’t want to give too much away. Maybe I already did.

Okay. I probably definitely did. Let me just leave you with this teaser, more of the “paranormal” part of the paranormal romance.


Still he waited, and still no sign of the angel.

He had said he always heard Damien. Heard when he spoke aloud, heard when he tried to hide errant thoughts.

So where was he?

Dear God. Was the angel punished? Banished? Worse?

For breaking one small rule? Twice. Because of him.

Damien scratched between his horns and considered doing something he hadn’t done in centuries. He called for the angel one last time, and when he didn’t answer, Damien bowed his head.

And prayed.

So, there you have it. Another little taste of Love Set in Stone. I’m pretty sure I’ve done all I can do (and then some) to try to whet your appetite for this one. Hopefully you find it enticing and check it out.

You can find it at these retailers: Amazon | B&NKobo | Inktera | Scribd.

And if you have any comments about Love Set in Stone, this latest teaser, or paranormal romances, I’d love to chat about it. Leave a comment below.