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print whispers for faithBack again to talk about my romance works during “February is for Romance” month.

Today we’re going to discuss a sweet paranormal romance series, my Whispers series. The first installment, Whispers for Faith, is releasing late this summer as part of a box set of sweet paranormal romances.

Many of you may have already read the prequel to this series, “Malevolent Whispers,” a short story released in October as part of a suspense anthology called Crimson Dirt. (The other authors and I hit the Amazon bestseller list with that anthology. You can pick it up for free at most online retailers. Visit the Malevolent Whispers page for purchase links.)

We meet a young teenager named Gabriela Taveres in “Malevolent Whispers.” She is a supporting character in Whispers for Faith, but she’s the star of the show in book two of the series.

Also, two supernatural beings we meet in Love Set in Stone—a guardian angel named Anael and a fallen angel named Penemuel—have made their way to the Whispers world. I like to think of them as the angel and devil on my characters’ shoulders.

Whispers for Faith follows Elaina Furlan, younger sister to Brynn Furlan (who we meet in “Malevolent Whispers”). Elaina and hunky doctor Brenden McCall are involved in a budding romance. He’s more than a little smitten, but Elaina is emotionally damaged and struggles to open her heart to him—or anyone else.

Here’s a short description of the novel:

Elaina Furlan has tried to quell her secret crush on Dr. Brenden McCall since the day she met him. He’s the perfect package—smart, successful, handsome, funny, kind. He’s also someone she could never be with. When he asks her out, she’s so surprised, she says “yes” without thinking. Then she realizes what she’s done.

If she goes out with him, she’ll fall in love with him. And if she allows herself to love him, she’ll be condemning him to death.

Elaina battles conscience and temptation as she struggles for a solution. Is there any way possible for her to break the curse and find a happily ever after?

The Whispers series is already outlined, and I’m currently writing the first book. And I’m having so much fun with it. Visit my website often for updates. You won’t want to miss this one.

I hope you’re enjoying romance month. Do you read sweet PNRs? I’d love to know what you think about this concept. Let’s talk about it.