Why You Aren’t Informed

miss youBet you’re wondering what you aren’t informed about. It’s simple, really.

I’ve moved my site to http://stacitroilo.com and some of you didn’t follow me there.

Not only that, I’ve had new followers here since then. But I’m not really posting here anymore. So we aren’t keeping in touch.

I miss you.

Click on the envelope or on the link above and let’s reconnect.

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I really hope you register and follow me to my new site. I’m looking forward to all the chats we’ll be having. We’ll be talking about a new series I’m releasing in May, and I want to know all about what you’re doing. And in June… well, you’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll have a new project going live in June that I’m really excited about. We’ll talk more about it in my newsletter and at my new site.

See you over there!