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I’m taking part in a “blogathon” that is hosted by the publishing company, Oghma Creative.  Both my children’s book series and novels are in the hands of Oghma for which I am very grateful.  When asked to take part in this event I did not know what I might write about.  Then it clearly came to me, hitting me right between the eyes, that I needed to write about what I do as a writer and why I do it.

I have dreamed of writing professionally for as long as I can remember!  I always kept a diary as a child, writing about my day, pouring my soul, and, at times tears, onto the pages, carefully locking the diary so my privacy could be maintained.  I don’t know what happened to all of those diaries, but I suspect they were probably thrown out in one of numerous moves.

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When it became in vogue to journal I began keeping my thoughts in beautiful books that I found.  My writing matured and I used the journals as a way of self-expression as well as a sort of therapy.  Writing always cleared my mind and soothed my emotions.  When I look back through some of the journals now I can see how far I’ve come and I realize how many dreams I expressed that really did come true.  I’ve always been a big believer in manifesting and positive thoughts.  The journals have served to help materialize my desires.  They have acted as a catalyst in many cases.  I treasure the experiences I saved in the books and still leaf through to take a look at where I was at different times and how I related to what happened.

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This blog has taken the place of that journaling for me as I share my life in Coastal Georgia with readers internationally.  At last count I have readers in 131 countries.  I never imagined such a thing could happen when I first began blogging back in February 2013.  Having the opportunity to share my writing with readers in so many different places is such a blessing!  I have developed an on-line platform that serves my other writing adventures in a very important way.  People follow me through social media and actually visit Coastal Georgia having been introduced to it via The Permanet Tourist.

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And now, I discipline myself and keep a tight schedule so that there is plenty of time for my other writing.  The second in the “Emmeline” children’s book series went to my editor last week for her review, changes and suggestions.  I’m making time to work on the first of five women’s literary fiction novels in the “Moonflowers” series as well.  This is probably one of the most challenging journey’s I have ever set out to follow.  It requires going into the depths of my soul to discover each of the five female characters that will be featured in the books.  I realize more and more how much I AM each of these women, as well as other family members and friends whose experiences are woven into the fabric of the saga.  Writing about five generations of strong women, what they did for love and how each generation interacts, even after death, with the other is proving to be quite an adventure.  That bit of supernatural that winds through each of the books allows me to let my imagination go and create in ways that I thrive on.  I imagine my favorite authors from bygone times, Lillian Hellmann, Dorothy Parker, Anais Nin and hope that I might even come close to their talent and greatness.  But….does one have to smoke endless cigarettes and have a full glass of whiskey beside the keyboard at all times in order to achieve this?  If so, I’m in trouble.

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Writing is what I live for.  Everyday holds something that enriches my stories, helping me to take my place at my desk each day, place my hands on the keys and allow the words to flow.  There is always a bit of resistance when I first begin, but that is lessening with time.  I have truly found my passion and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to write and be published.  I’ll be posting about and sharing each book with you as they become available.  Most of all I am thankful that writing is a profession I can continue until I take my last breath.  And, who knows,  it might even continue after that…..anything is possible, after all…..or so I’ve been told!

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