Oghmaniac Blog-a-thon Poster Peggy Chambers interviewing author John T. Biggs

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headshot_bw    In keeping with my interviews of authors involved with Oghma Creative Media, I would like to introduce you to John T. Biggs.  John is a retired dentist who can really sink his teeth into a story.  In reading Popsicle Styx (note the spelling of Styx, like the river in Dante’s Inferno) it is obvious he has a penchant for twisting words.


PC: First of all, John, tell us a little bit about you.

JTB: I’m originally from the little wedge of Illinois that fits neatly between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. All the men in my father’s and my mother’s family were coal miners but my parents decided to break with tradition and buy a junkyard—not exactly what you’d call social climbing but it’s a terrific source for fictional characters. I married the girl of my dreams when we were still in college and, against all odds, it…

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