Last One, Honest

ducks in a row

Follow Along!

Okay, so yesterday I told you I was leaving this site for good, and I asked you to follow me to my new site, I even asked you to follow me there, because if you were a follower of me here, your support didn’t transfer.

Surprise. My follow button didn’t work.

So, after some whining and panicking on my part and some fancy computer know-how by my friend, Missy Frye (who you can show support to at her writing website by clicking here), I’ve managed to get working properly again. There isn’t a “follow” button at the bottom like I mentioned yesterday, but there is a nice little subscription link in the sidebar. Please make use of it. You won’t find me here again.

I hope to see you at the new site, We’ve got a lot to talk about. (And you may have some catching up to do.) And don’t forget to follow me once you get there!

Your turn...

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