homeThanks for your patience while I’ve been working through my conversion from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site. The new site — stacitroilo.com — went live on April 24, 2014. Between then and now (May 6, 2014) I’ve managed three new posts, including one #FFFF, Laci and Del: Mother Doesn’t Always Know Best. (If you’ve been following the Laci and Del saga, you don’t want to miss that.)

I’m sorry this has been such a difficult transition, and I am grateful for your understanding while I worked out the kinks in the process. The new site isn’t quite where I’d like it to be yet, but when you visit, you’ll be able to follow me again by clicking the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner. If you followed me here, you’ll need to do that again. If you didn’t but like the new site, I encourage you to do so.

Let me stress that last point, just to be clear. If you followed me here, you aren’t following me on the new site. You will need to click the link to the new site, stacitroilo.com, and when you’re there, click the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner.

I’m looking forward to (re)connecting at my new site and can’t wait to (re)visit with you there. I’ll be waiting for you!