Are You Using Your Support Effectively?

I’m writing this post on Saturday, even though I’m going to schedule it for Monday at my usual post time. (Just so you understand the chronology here.)

Carm and Bob

My Parents Are Coming!

This is a big week for us. My parents are visiting, probably mostly to see the kids and their sporting events, but I’d like to think they’re coming to see me and my husband, too. That means the stuff I usually put off until things are desperate (someone’s down to the last pair of underwear or the dogs have shed so much I could create a third puppy out of what’s left) need to be dealt with now. (Hey, they say if your muse strikes you should let some other things go. I take that advice to heart.)

Of course, my help has abandoned me. One child had a friend spend the night and now they are working at a school fundraiser. The other spent the night somewhere else and is at a practice. This afternoon, both kids have a two hour tennis lesson. That puts a lot of the work on my shoulders.

Enter, my husband. Hero to the rescue!

While I was playing chauffeur this morning, he was dutifully cleaning the kitchen (one of my most hated chores). Gotta love him.

Support Structure

Is Your Support Structure Sound?

I think it’s important that you have someone in your life to lean on. We have significant others we turn to in troubled times, family members we confide in, friends we talk out problems with, colleagues who work with us to make our craft better. A support system is key, for both practical purposes and our mental health.

I won’t be as available as usual this week. I’m entertaining guests! If I’m part of your support structure, though, (and if I am, I’m honored), and you need me, let me know. I’ll make the time.

Until next time, have a great week!

And writers, remember, your hero is only as good as his or her support team. Take the time to develop your secondary characters, too. They’re what keep your hero on track. (Think about Frodo without Samwise, Batman without Robin, Sherlock without Watson… Pooh without Piglet! These heroes need their backup, their sounding boards, their moral compasses. Use them well.)

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