I Versus Me

Originally posted March 28, 2012

Soapbox, here I am. I’m sorry, but people in Hollywood are paid far too much to write scripts (and actors to deliver the lines) in which the object of the sentence is made “I” just because it sounds fancy and proper. I might just be a small town girl from Vandergrift, PA, but I know the difference between “Sally and I” and “Sally and me” in a sentence. One is the subject, one is the object. If the writers don’t know which is which, they shouldn’t be the writers. The subject, or the actor, is always “I” and the object, or what is being acted upon, is always “me.” An easy trick to figure it out – drop the “Sally and” and listen to which sounds right. Then you’ll know. The rule definitely isn’t fancy=I and casual=me. And now I can get off my soapbox. I don’t like the view from up there, anyway.

Your turn...

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