Continuing Education

Originally posted March 27, 2012

I start a new class tonight. It’s a six week workshop on short stories. We’ll be reading and analyzing existing works, doing in-class exercises, and working on a story of our own. Usually you hear about continuing education with respect to teachers, but I believe we can all benefit from it. I have a master’s degree in writing, but I’m taking this course. I haven’t been in school in nearly twenty years. I’m sure this instructor has a newer take on the topic than my professors did. And even if she doesn’t, it certainly won’t hurt for me to brush up on my skills. I’m excited to be in a learning environment as a student again. When I was a professor, I always told my students I learned from them, and I did, but this time I’ll be on the student side, and that’s a whole different perspective. Should be fun!

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