Collaboration… Sort of

Originally posted May 21, 2012

I’m having a friend over today to help her with outlining some of her projects. She’s never done that before; she just sits at the computer and writes. And hey, let’s face it, that works for lots of us. But she feels she’s having organization problems, so I suggested outlining, which is something she’s never done and is struggling with. I never used to outline either, but now I find it an indispensible tool. I highly recommend it, whatever form your outline takes. Mine is pretty general, and involves using styles in Word and bullet points. Like I said, general.

She’s looking forward to today because she wants to figure her problems out. I’m looking forward to today because I haven’t taught in two years, and, while I by no means consider this a teaching session, it kind of feels good to help someone with something again. I miss teaching, because I always learned something as I taught, and I’m sure I’ll learn something again today.

And who doesn’t enjoy a morning having coffee with a friend?

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