A Break in the Grind

Originally posted March 21, 2012

It’s Spring Break. My kids are off school for the week and Corey’s parents have driven down from Pennsylvania to visit. I barely have time for posts, let alone writing. But that’s okay. It’s great visiting. We haven’t seen any family since Thanksgiving, and everyone’s having a blast.

But I’m not letting the time go to waste creatively. Not only are families a treasure trove of inspiration, I’m letting ideas percolate while I’m not writing. There have been some plot points that I’ve been stuck on that I’ve been letting simmer in the background. Hopefully I’m “unstuck” once I start writing again. I think I have the kinks worked out. It’s been refreshing not staring at the screen and wondering how to fix the problem. Without the pressure, the problems seem to have fixed themselves.

And I had a nice visit in the process.

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